Lock and Spoon

We're a small company that makes handmade jewelry and accessories. There are only two of us, and we strive for perfection in imperfection; the idea that during the natural process of making a piece there will be elements that are unplanned. These natural, unplanned parts of the process are what makes each piece unique. We leave room for the unexpected in all of our items while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. Our collection is comprised of items that are similar enough to be categorized under the same name, but each piece is slightly different than the others: from the handmade clasps on the necklaces to the metalwork in the rings and hand-cut buttons, each item we make is handmade with care.

This aspect of wabi-sabi is something we cherish in the creative process, but it extends to you, the wearer, as well. As our items are worn, they will develop a personal and unique patina. We use materials that we know will age with grace: beeswax polished wood, sterling silver with just a touch of tarnish, raw brass and copper that will patina over time. The more you wear our jewelry, the more personalized to you it will become.

Please contact us if you would like a .pdf of our wholesale catalog emailed to you.

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